Photography & Video

Exposing (30/9/16)

During our first timetabled photography lesson with Adrian, we had a look at enlarging and exposing photographic paper.This task was set out to refresh our memories within this topic as it was a while back (some time last year) since we last touched base on the process. We exposed photographic paper, under the enlarger which was set on the height (8) I placed certain foods on the paper, so the light would be obstructed by the fruit/vegetables which then exposed the light for 20 seconds on each of the images above casting a shadow of the items onto the photographic paper which could then be revealed by placing it in the paper developer, stop bath and paper fix.

We used the ‘filter 2.5’ within the enlarger as it allowed an efficient suitable amount of light to undergo the task, we then set the aperture to 5.6 and exposed the fruit/veg on top of the photographic paper for 20 seconds. This gave the black background with white/shaded appearance of the items placed on the photographic paper. To invert the colours I mentioned before, I double exposed the photographic paper placing two sheets of photographic paper together (glossy side together) with the developed initial first image (bottom left) which had already been exposed on top of the photographic paper that hadn’t.

After we had finished in the dark room, we went into the photography lighting room and used the white background white board along with three point lighting to capture the 5 images above, I used the Cannon 1200D which had an incredible lens picking out every little detail. As the theme of the brief was ‘food’ these images proved helpful when correlating them into my graphics lesson/work. I tried to position the fruit in each photo in an ‘arty’ way.playing around with the composition to which was aesthetically pleasing to me.


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